Tripper Conveyors

A Tripper Conveyors cars travel along a truss-mounted track guided by flanged wheels. Driven by an electric drive, the cars are powered by a switch gear, which powers the drive. Concrete pillars are erected to lift the structure, engineered to withstand the pressure of the stockpiles.

We also offer a full range of Tripper Conveyor Cars, Parts & Components.

Tripper Conveyor Features:

  • Build and maintain large volume stockpiles on limited, linear footprints.
  • Discharge material on either side of conveyor and create custom heights, lengths and locations of stockpiles.
  • Heavier, more robust truss design requires fabrication of fewer pillars, reducing up-front costs.
  • Versus high capacity stockpiling with trucks, conveyors are the safest and most cost-efficient way to pile material.

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