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BinCom is BinMaster’s intelligent monitoring solution that enables operations of all types to track levels in bins, tanks, and silos and monitor the location of mobile assets such as equipment and vehicles. It combines the benefits of using low-power, wireless sensor technology and cellular data transfer to get reliable, timely information to simplify and organize your operations. Data from all types of sensors streams seamlessly to the cloud, allowing access to your data from a PC, tablet, SmartPhone or any device connected to the Internet.

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Product Description


  • Remote monitoring levels in bins, tanks, silos or other vessels
  • Automatically create and send optimized delivery routes directly to delivery drivers
  • Tracking of valuable assets such as heavy equipment, trucks, and delivery vehicles
  • Inventory monitoring to optimize purchasing and prevent out-of-stock situations


  • Cloud-based data monitoring via PC, tablet, or SmartPhone
  • Automated alerts to optimize delivery schedules and prevent outages
  • Controlled access to data by individuals within your company or by your customers
  • Save time, fuel, manpower, and provide better customer service
  • Reduce the number of service calls and improve customer satisfaction
  • Diverse line of transceivers, gateways, and asset trackers
  • Cellular CDMA, Cellular GSM, WiFi, or Ethernet communication platforms
  • Accepts digital or analog (DI/AI), RS-485, or dry contact inputs