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BinMaster – Material Management – Portable Temperature Monitoring

The weather station provides fast, reliable information about the ambient temperature and air moisture conditions used for efficient aeration control. This information is integrated with the complex Automatic Aeration Control software that turns aeration fans on or off to optimize the moisture content of grain. Weather conditions such as rain starting or stopping, near freezing temperatures, sunrise, and sunset conditions are influential in determining when aeration should be applied. These conditions, along with ambient humidity relative to the moisture in stored grain, determine when and for how long aeration should be used to maximize the value of grain for market. The weather station is designed for long-lasting durability and is suitable for harsh conditions such as long, cold winters, hot tropical or desert-like conditions.

Product Description


Measure Grain, Hay or Silage Temperature Anywhere

  • Bins & Silos
  • Piles
  • Warehouses
  • Barns
  • Bodegas
  • Railcars
  • Wagons
  • Trucks
  • Ships

Use Across the Supply Chain

  • Farmers
  • Cooperatives
  • Elevators
  • Commercial Storage
  • Ports
  • Inspectors


Sensor Lance Features

  • Precise portable or permanent digital temperature monitoring
  • Use in all grains, hay, silage, or compost
  • For piles, flat storage warehouses or remote locations
  • Lightweight, yet durable for use in trucks, wagons, railcars, or ships
  • Rugged handle and flexible fiberglass rod in a variety of lengths
  • Up to 20 lances in a single network for large storage facilities

Handheld Reader Features

  • Portable monitoring of data from temperature sensor cables or sensor lances
  • Battery-operated, light, and compact for ease of use
  • Handy carrying case complete with USB charging cable, connector cable and flashlight
  • Scroll with arrows between sensor cables/lances (LR arrow) and individual sensors (UD arrow)
  • Memory stick for data transfer to PC software
  • Matrix view with trend data can indicate development of hot spots

Sensor Lance

Temperature Range: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to +70°C)

Resolution: 0.5°F (0.3°C)

Sensors per Network: Up to 20

Lance-to-Lance Connection Cables: 20 ft., 40 ft., 60 ft.

Lance-to-Handheld Reader: 3 ft. or 15 ft.

Lance Length                     Number of Sensors
3 ft.                                               1
13 ft.                                             3
25 ft.                                             5

Handheld Reader

Model                                                            2500-PC

Maximum # of Cables                                     20

Maximum # of Temperature Sensors                600

Memory Data Transfer to PC                           Yes

Matrix View with Trend Data                            Yes