Sicoma Planetary Mixer

Sicoma Planetary Mixer is a best in class, high speed, countercurrent concrete mixer. The countercurrent design has one or two mixing stars that rotate, while also rotating around a central point. Each arm will cover the entire mixer floor in a few short revolutions. This extreme action is quick and efficient. Mixing times are 30 seconds or less for most types of concrete, after water is added. This creates improved throughput, more concrete per hour, better consistency and increased strength. Sicoma’s planetary design is a much better choice over the turbine and twin-shaft designs for all types of dry-cast concrete production. The intense mixing action results in quick zero-slump mix break up.

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Sicoma Planetary Mixers Feature:

  • Best in class countercurrent mixer
  • Three cast iron arms per star w/ 2-3 stars
  • 15 mm Ni-hard cast iron tiles
  • Mixing Blades are Cast from Ni-hard iron – 550 HB minimum
  • Easy access junction box
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Virtually indestructible gear box
  • Up to four swing-out sector doors
  • Half moon cover
  • 5 year, 10,000 hour warranty
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