R&S Tilting Drum Mixers

R&S Tilting Drum Mixers are one of the world’s largest heavy duty 18 yard tilt mixer. R&S Industries manufacturers precision engineered Central Tilt Mixers in capacities of 10, 12, 15, and 18 cubic yards. This robust mixer completely eliminates approximately 30 wear points (such as load rollers, roller path, and guide rollers). This results in a substantial reduction in maintenance cost over the life of the mixer. The R & S Tilt Mixer design has been proven through mixer efficiency tests by independent laboratories for tough specification jobs such as nuclear power plants. The exclusive tilt motion provides superior cleanliness of charging, mixing, dust control and discharge operations. The mixer mouth falls away from charge head, then returns to a positive seal with no spillage.

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R&S Tilting Drum Mixers Feature:

  • Capacities of 10, 12, 15, and 18 cubic yards
  • Twin Heavy Duty Drum Drive Units with helical reducers, couplings, TEFC motors and precision machined pinion gears.
  • Hardened precision main gear with safety guard.  Both main gar and drives are located away from mixer discharge area protecting them from contamination caused by splashing concrete.
  • Tilting of mixer is provided by two hydraulic cylinders powered by a hydraulic power unit.
  • The hydraulic power unit includes a pressure adjusting variable displacement pump.  This style pump produces much less heat than the conventional vane and gear pumps.  Power unit also includes pressure relief valve, suction and return line filters.
  • Tilting of the mixer is controlled by variable speed control valve and a numeral dialing control knob.
  • The mixing drum is supported at the rear by a hub and spindle assembly which includes two heavy-duty roller bearings and oil seal with replaceable steel wear ring.  Both the hub and spindle are hammer forged and machined for high grade steel.
  • The charging/discharging mixer mouth is the largest in the industry allowing for very quick charging and discharing of material, also providing easy access when servicing the interior of the mixer. The mouth is equipped with an AR steel wear ring on which a rubber dust seal makes direct contact providing an excellent dust tight seal.
  • Superior mixing of materials is accomplished by heavy-duty mixer blades.  Unlike double opening tilt mixers, no secondary blades or buckets are required, greatly reducing clean-out time and blade replacement costs.
  • Interior of drum and front side of mixing blades are protected by one inch thick polyurethane liners.
  • Concrete discharge chute which directs material into transport truck is lined with ¾” polyurethane wear liners. The chute is also equipped with oversized splash guards which help contain wet materials.
  • Four proximity switches for confirming charging/discharge positions and reduce speed at end of tilting cycle, protecting hydraulic system from sock loads.

Optional Equipment:

  • Soft-start electrical motor gear for main mixer drives.
  • Concrete collecting cone with ¾” polyurethane liners for charging mixer trucks and 3’-0” long rubber discharge boot.
  • Wringer gate helps control dripping of concrete on transport trucks by pinching off rubber boot.
  • Telescopic discharge boot helps control flow of concrete in mixer trucks.
  • Support systems designed to meet needs of your project including special heights, seismic codes, etc.
  • Safety decks, ladders, and stairways.
  • Fast speed mixer hydraulic tilt system for charging holding hopper or dump trucks.
  • Mobile transportation system for portable operations.
  • Emergency 110 volt back-up hydraulic tilt system used when main pump fails.
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