Binmaster’s Single Piece Particulate Monitor

To detect and send alerts for Baghouse Leaks

The DD-3000 is a single piece particulate monitor brought to consumers by Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment. With a single piece design, this monitor eliminates slow manual inspections and increases workflow capabilities within baghouse leak detection and reduces maintenance and downtime. The design of the DD-3000 focuses on workflow and speeding up production.

The DD-3000 uses inductive current technology to detect and notify users when emissions exceed beyond the preset point. Sensor models are available with either an alarm relay, used to alert to a need for maintenance or a transmitter output option used for monitoring trends and compliance. This sleek design, utilizes inductive currents minimizing sensor contamination, particulate velocity change, and temperature drift. As particulates flow past the sensor it induces a small electrical charge.

Features include:

  • Maintenance-free induction sensing technology
  • Fully-insulated probes protect against false alarms caused by moisture, buildup, or conductive particles
  • Low-cost, high-value in a single-piece unit
  • Choose your output: alarm relay or 4-20 mA transmitter

The sleek design of the DD-3000 allows for easy, one-step installation with no need for structural support and also allows for no-hassle, configuration needed. The DD-3000 is the top-level model in particulate monitoring across multiple industries and preferred by many.

The DD-3000 is applicable in multiple applications including concrete, mining, chemicals, food, and beverage. Maximize your workflow and budget with the DD-3000 and Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment.

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