Command Alkon Automated Bin Fill System

The Command Alkon Automated Bin Fill System provides a fast, automated and cost-effective way to get materials into overhead bins from underground storage bunkers. The system’s standard controls provide automatic, real time monitoring and replenishment for up to six bins.  Priority-first replenishment is a feature used when materials from one underground storage bunker are required more often than others. A manual override is standard for any or all materials at any time. Plant malfunctions are signaled by an alarm indicator for the user. In the event of a belt break or other hazard, the emergency stop button halts all related plant motion.

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Command Alkon Automated Bin Fill System Features:

The system is designed to:

  • Determine the need for a material
  • Rotate the turnhead or shuttle
  • Conveyor to the correct position
  • Turn on the feed belts as needed
  • Open the correct feed gate on the underground storage silo
  • Monitor the process until filling is complete

As the system sequences from one material to the next the Automatic Bin Fill system will:

  • Close the gate in use on the underground storage
  • Determine the turnhead positioning delay
  • Open the feed gate for the next material while ensuring the proper belt delay to prevent cross contamination of material bins
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