Complete General Construction Uses RCC Concrete to

Pave The Way For The Future in Ohio

When Complete General Construction needed a Roller Compacted Concrete Plant for their Ohio Turnpike Paving Project, they wasted no time and consulted with Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment to discuss the best Roller Compacted Concrete plant for their application. With more than 40 years of experience with RCC, concrete, and aggregate equipment supply, with product application and in-the field experience, Gulf Atlantic is the dealer of choice when you need a wide field of knowledge about industrial equipment for your specific application.

The Ohio Turnpike Pavement is being systematically replaced in 48 five-mile long sections. The pavement design is comprised of a composite pavement with lime-stabilized subgrade, granular base course, and non-reinforced RCC pavement and shoulders.

Roller-Compacted Concrete has characteristics similar to concrete, and less expensive than asphalt. It has been shown to be tough in the harshest conditions, fast to apply, and economical for taxpayers and project developers. It shares the same basic ingredients as traditional concrete: cement, water, and aggregates. But, instead of being transferred to a project in mixer trucks, it is mixed on site via the pugmill twin shaft mixer located on the portable Rapid Mix 400C plant and discharged to dump trucks for delivery to the job site. There it is placed using a specialized paver with a vibratory screed and compacted with vibratory rollers.  On a first cost basis, RCC can be less expensive than asphalt and due to its strength and durability; its maintenance costs over the lifetime of the pavement are substantially reduced providing long serviceability with minimal maintenance.

Because of its low water-cement ratio, RCC typically has high strengths similar to, or even greater than, conventional concrete. RCC’s high-strength properties combined with ease of construction and high rate of production often make RCC more economical than a flexible pavement. Additionally, more than 20 years of exposure as logging roads in cold climates have demonstrated that RCC has adequate resistance to freezing and thawing, a conclusion verified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in their evaluations of RCC Paving projects.

RCC was first developed as a paving material in 1976. Some Canadian builders had the idea of doubling the amount of cement in a soil cement mix to stabilize the surface at a log sorting yard. They got much more than they had expected–it was strong and durable, and it went down quickly and easily. A 1998 Portland Cement Association (PCA) study of this log sorting yard in British Columbia found quite a bit of cracking–not surprising since this was very early in the development of the construction method. Nonetheless, the yard continues in full service today and “the operators report that they are very satisfied with the performance of the RCC pavement.”

The development of the Rapid International USA RCC Plants now enables contractors to meet the market’s demand for large pour projects.   Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment provides plants capable of pouring 400 to 600 yards per hour for purchase and rental on a first come-first served availability basis. Visit this link for a comparison of the Rapid Mix 400C and the Rapid Mix 600C continuous mixing plants:

Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment delivers the first        Completely self-erecting, the RapidMix 400 Plant is

Rapid Mix 400C Mobile RCC Plant to Complete             ready for operation in about 30 minutes from arrival

General Construction of Columbus, Ohio for the             on the jobsite.

company’s Turnpike Improvements project, May, 2011.

The Rapid Mix 400 Plant arrives as a single truckload

on site ready for setup and operation.

Once the RapidMix International RCC Plant arrives on a jobsite, it is literally less than an hour before it is ready to work. Both the Rapid Mix 400 and the Rapid Mix 600 C have been designed to be totally mobile and completely self-contained with their own power source. They are also completely self erecting, using the hydraulic system to change the plant from its travel mode into a fully operational plant within a few hours.  Utilizing a continuous mixing system these plants mix from 400- 600 tons per hour depending on application.  Feed rates are fully adjustable for the aggregate, cement and water systems.  The plants are designed for any mixing application where a cement or binder needs to be mixed into a base material.


Since its inception in 1928, Complete General Construction has grown into one of the industry’s specialists in highway construction heavily involved in major Ohio interstate construction projects such as I-71, SR-315, I-670, I-170, and also includes bridge construction/repair, paving, site preparation, highway and underground electric, street lighting and signal layout, airport taxiway construction and custom crushing/recycling to its staples of highway and sewer work. When a highway construction expert like Complete General Construction selects Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment and the Rapid Mix 400C as their dealer and RCC plant of choice, you know they have selected the best the industry has to offer.

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Below are several photographs of the jobsite and process used to complete projects using the RapidMix 400C Continuous Mixing Plant for the production of RCC Concrete.

Rapid Mix 400 RCC Plant Supplies Trucks at Ohio Turnpike Jobsite


RCC Concrete is Delivered and Spread on Highway


While RCC Is Placed, Roller Compactors Compress it into Place.

Roller Compacted Concrete Delivers Speed, Precision, Strength, & Durability.


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