How Truck Vibrators Save You Time and Money

AND Increase Your Productivity


Whether you are hauling rock, clay, concrete, wood shavings, sewage, or many other materials you are costing your business time and profits if you are not using quality truck vibrators on your equipment. The installation of a truck mounted vibrator is extremely beneficial to truck owners and operators by promoting and maintaining the flow of materials. And, the installation is a simple process. Benefits include faster dump times, lower labor costs, reduced equipment damage, and increased operator safety.



The use of an industrial vibrator to promote flow of materials in a truck body is commonplace today. Common applications include: dump bodies, tandem live bottom dump trucks, slide-in and mounted spreaders, tailgate or ATV spreaders, concrete pumpers, sanitation, pumper and vacuum trucks, and volumetric mixers. While electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic driven vibrator solutions exist, the electric vibrator is the most common vibrator used in trucks.

The original pioneer in truck vibrators was Cougar Industries. They produced the world’s first patented 12-volt truck vibrator in 1964. Since that time, they have become the leader in truck vibrator manufacturing by offering:

  • Easy, low cost vibrator installation
  • Shielded, oversized, permanently lubricated ball bearings that assure exceptional service life.
  • Vibrators sealed against dirt, dust, and water for long life in extreme conditions.
  • Small size and weight with high-speed, low-amp electric motors.

What are some of the indicators that you need to add or replace a truck vibrator? You will probably notice some or all of the following on your trucks:

  • Residual buildup in truck bed that reduces billable payload
  • Damage to tailgates from rocking the truck to empty the load
  • Damage to truck bed surfaced from backhoes removing material not dumped.

This article will discuss some of the benefits you will gain through the use of effective truck vibrators as well as the simplicity of the vibrator installation process.


Truck Vibrator Benefits


  1. Carryback can be practically eliminated which will increase productivity.

More material is hauled and fewer cycles are required to move a given amount of material. This translates to lower labor and fuel costs as well as reduced vehicle wear.


  1. Truck Vibrators make dump times faster and material is more evenly distributed when


Since the material can be more completely discharged from the truck body, labor costs may be further reduced since the need for an employee to clean out truck beds can be eliminated.


  1. Saves Money on Truck Damage and Maintenance Requirements

Extra strain on hydraulic components from lowering half full beds is eliminated. Operators won’t need to bang the tailgate to loosen material, drivers won’t need to slam on the brakes or pop the clutch to loosen the load, minimizing the potential for damaging critical components. And, there will be no need to clean out the bed with a backhoe or other equipment that can scar the bed and create even more places for material to stick.


  1. Increased Employee Safety

Truck mounted vibrators help keep the operator inside the cab and off the back of the truck.

When a truck vibrator is used to facilitate material flow and empty truck beds, the necessity for

an employee to climb into a truck bed for clean out is sharply reduced or eliminated. This saves operator time used for bed cleanout and lowers the likelihood for possible workman compensation claims.


The Truck Vibrator Installation Process


The first step in the installation process for installing a truck vibrator on equipment involves choosing the proper mounting location.


Choosing a Location for the Truck Vibrator

The location of the vibrator on the truck body must be selected so that the force delivered by the vibrator is introduced into the material at all possible sticking points. This means that the force needs to be coupled directly to the spine or backbone of the body. The best location for this is just behind the doghouse or at the front at the underside of the body between the spines that run the length of the body. By mounting the vibrator mounting bracket attached to both main spines at the front of the body, the vibrator force will travel into the material along the length of the spines and outward from the spines to the sides of the body.


Installation of a Replacement Truck Vibrator

Remove existing vibrator. If required, weld in a new mounting bracket, then just bolt in your replacement vibrator and reconnect the electrical connections. Mounting brackets for both steel or aluminum dump bodies are available.


Installation of a Truck Vibrator in a New Application

One of the most commonly used truck vibrators is a Cougar Industries DC-3200. This vibrator will provide 3200 pounds of force into the material and will operate at 4000 rpm. The installation process for a DC-3200 can be simply accomplished.

  • A C-channel is fabricated to mount between the two main spines on the underside of the body. The vibrator mounting bracket is then attached to the C-channel. After fitting this in place, the body is ready for sandblasting and painting. The fabricated C-channel can be notched so that it can be welded to the two spines that run down the center of the dump body.
  • The vibrator mounting plate is welded to the C-Channel. The mounting plate is tacked in place and then a full weld is placed on each side.       The mounting bolts are usually installed in the vibrator mounting bracket before welding. This protects the threads in the vibrator bracket and mounting holes throughout the body preparation process.
  • Once the C-channel assembly is cooled, it is fitted in place between the body spines and tacked first to one spine and then to the other.       Full welds are then applied.
  • While welding the bracket to the underside of the body, the welder can prepare for the truck wiring by welding a rigid metal conduit into place.       This conduit runs the length of the body for lighting and any other electrical items at the rear of the body.
  • The mounting bracket may be pre-painted or can be sandblasted and painted as part of the truck body manufacturing process.
  • The electrical wiring of the vibrator can be run separately or as a part of a whole truck wiring harness.
  • The momentary switch for the vibrator, which is located in the truck cab, is connected through a solenoid and possibly even a timer.       The timer is a useful accessory to insure that the driver does not accidentally operate the vibrator on an extended, continuous basis.
  • The vibrator is then mounted and the power wiring is connected.
  • The vibrator installation is then complete and the truck is ready to roll.


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