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The popularity of mobile continuous mixing plants/pugmills continues to increase due to the high level of interest in roller compacted concrete, cement treated base and soil remediation in the construction and environmental industries. Typical applications and uses include airport runways, ash remediation ponds, bentonite landfill sealing, concrete paving, dam construction, environmental remediation, intermodal paving, lime addition to asphalt, parking lots, port paving, road base, roller-compacted concrete (RCC), soil-cement and waste stabilization.

There are two types of continuous mixing plants to consider: volumetric measurement (C) and continuous weigh (CW). When the ingredients of concrete flow continuously and are measured by volume so a known, predetermined amount of each ingredient is obtained in a designated time interval, the method of measurement is volumetric. When material from the silo is collected in weigh hoppers and then dispensed into the mixing chamber for an accurately weighed and mixed final product, the method of measurement is continuous weigh. The continuous mixing plant experts at Gulf Atlantic can help you determine which is best for your application.

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