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Tampered Single Shaft Screw Conveyor

Mainly used in flour mills, UC Tapered Single Shaft Screw Feeders have both tapering inlet screw and casing to ensure homogeneous material discharging and feeding. Material residue inside the inlet trough is reduced to the minimum.

Product Description


  • Tapered square pitch screw and trough manufactured from carbon steel
  • WAM standard inlet flange and outlet
  • Flanged cast iron end bearing assemblies with externally mounted bearings and manually adjustable packing gland seals
  • Maintenance-free intermediate hanger bearings with self-lubricating slide bushes
  • Fixed or variable speed gear motor


  • Constant feed rates
  • Minimum material residue
  • Problem-free handling of difficult materials
  • High discharging efficiency
  • Sturdy, modular design enabling easy access