SurroundScan Defender III Metal Detectors

SurroundScan Defender III Metal Detectors

Advanced Detection SurroundScan Defender III Metal Detectors are perfectly manufactured so each system is immune to the effects of electrical interference, vibration, case flexing, production variations and other environmental factors that cause false reading. Using patented electronics with easy setup in all environments, Defender III Metal Detectors provide performance reliability that meets your industrial demands.

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SurroundScan Defender III Metal Detectors withstand high pressure wash down environments. They are preferred for recycling and rubber applications because waterproof material prevents water from getting into the coil. The welded construction and stainless steel components are designed to provide many years of reliable performance. The seams are sealed under pressure using extra mounting bolts. The sealant acts as a pressurized gasket to form a superior seal against harmful water ingression. Defender III Metal Detectors have control panel doors that are sealed and have impact resistant touch screen covers.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented vibration technology improves performance and reliability when vibration is present.
  • IP69K construction withstands the harshest wash down conditions.
  • Products are tested and provided with a sensitivity guarantee.
  • AccuLearn technology quickly learns product characteristics – in as little as two passes – to eliminate false trips caused by product variability.
  • All welded construction provides a durable and stable system for consistent metal detection.
  • Adjustable RF protection helps compensate for environmental noise and power fluctuations.
  • Patented coil auto-balance technology eliminates the need to re-balance the coil.
  • Digital control and processing with two channel detection.
  • Data retention when power is disrupted or disconnected.

SurroundScan Defender III Metal Detectors can be built to your application specifications and sized to meet your unique needs.

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