Belgrade Batching Silos

Belgrade Batching Silos

Belgrade Batching Silos are available with 10 yard and 12 yard cement batching packages. Standard equipment includes scale hopper with air vibrator, weigh system with digital indicator, butterfly valves with air actuators, limit switch, 16 square foot filter vent, internal air pads, regulator and check valve, and gum rubber and vinyl boot.

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Standard Equipment for Belgrade Batching Silos

  • Leg with 3’ 6” clearance under discharge
  • Outside ladder with cage
  • Full railing
  • Standard jam gates
  • 4” blower pipe with aluminum adapter
  • 150 square foot dust house with air vibrator and pop-off valve
  • Manholes
  • 8 external air pads with manifold
  • Sand blasted, primed, and painted (white, gray, tan, cat yellow)
  • 20’ structural stand with extension blower pipe(s), ladder lading, and ladder with cage
  • Work platform
  • (2) 10” butterfly valves with air actuators and boot sock