BinMaster 3D MultiVision Software

BinMaster 3D MultiVision Software

BinMaster 3D MultiVision is a Windows-based inventory program for 3DLevelScanner users who want easy and convenient access to data from multiple bins. MultiVision is compatible with all versions of the 3DLevelScanner, enabling users to view all bins on a single screen. By clicking on a single bin, users can see detailed information including minimum, maximum and average levels, as well as a 3D map of the bin contents for the 3D-MV and 3D-MVL models. MultiVision can be accessed via LAN and multiple user accounts can be assigned.

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  • User-friendly set up and intuitive operation
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7
  • View all bins, a group of bins, or a single bin
  • Compatible with all models of the 3DLevelScanner
  • 3D visualization of bin contents (MV and MVL models)
  • Simultaneous multiple user access to bin data
  • Ability to set high and low level alerts
  • Each user can customize their view of bin data
  • No third party applications or data access fees


  • Ability to view the status of multiple bins in a single window
  • One click access to detailed information for each bin
  • Each user can customize screen views for the data they need
  • Single server ensures all users are viewing the same bin data
  • Real-time bin data is available across the organization
  • Better data for purchasing, logistics and operational decision making
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy for improved financial management