Bray International 3 Piece Ball Valves

Bray International 3 Piece Ball Valves

Bray International 3 Piece Ball Valves are available in a wide variety of models, sizes, and configurations to meet the specific needs of your application. Our parts experts are ready to help you find the right ball valve for your project. To learn more about our inventory of 3 piece ball valves, download the product brochures below. If you would like assistance selecting the correct model, give our team a call: (800) 792-7427.

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The three piece body design of Bray International 3 Piece Ball Valves offers many advantages, including installation flexibility, elimination of the need for two sets of flanges, and ease of in line and out of line servicing. These time-saving features are beneficial for process industries, automated valves, and welded piping systems by reducing costly downtime. During maintenance, the actuator and accessories can remain mounted on the valve body. The 3 piece ball valves and actuators are easily reinstalled with no need for recalibration of the unit.

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