Bray Valve Status Monitor Limit Switch (Series 50)

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Bray Valve Status Monitor Limit Switch (Series 50)

The Bray International Valve Status Monitor Limit Switch (Series 50) signals actuator and valve position to local and remote stations. Units are designed for ease of wiring and a wide variety of switches and feature high quality internal parts and rugged reliability.

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The housing cover of the Series 50 limit switch is attached to the housing bases by stainless steel bolts. When the cover is removed the bolts are held captive in the cover. This prevents time consuming problems caused from lost or misplaced bolts. Series 50 has acetal bearings on the top and bottom of the shaft which reduce friction and eliminate shaft binding. A prominently labeled and color coded – yellow for open, red for closed – display indicates valve position through the full range of travel. Made of high impact, heat and chemical resistant clear polycarbonate, this display withstands caustic washdown and offers excellent corrosion protection.


  • A cam for each switch is mounted directly to the output shaft and each cam is color coded – red adjustment screw matches red cam (valve closed indication), green screw matches green cam (valve open indication). The cams are infinitely and independently adjustable from the top by finger touch or regular screwdriver. The adjustment screws rotate the eccentric shaped cams. Set screw will prevent cams from slipping out of adjustment from line vibration.
  • O-Ring seals on the shaft and housing provide a waterproof enclosure and prevent internal corrosion.
  • Specially designed position indicators locally signal valve position. The pointer, made of ABS, comes standard with all Series 50 limit switch units.
  • Housing is made of die cast aluminum with standard coating. Seacorr coated body exterior also available.
  • Series 50 comes standard with 2 SPDT V3 switches. Additional switches and other switch options are available. Please consult our parts experts.
  • Internal switches are pre-wired to a terminal block. The block is designed for ease of wiring installation with clearly marked numbers for both open and closed switches.
  • Two conduit entries to choose from: 1/2” NPT (M20) or 3/4” NPT (M25) conduit connections.
  • A compact, modular design allows direct mounting of the Series 50 limit switch to pneumatic actuators without any brackets.