Cardinal Scale SWIM Slow-Speed In-Motion Scales

Cardinal Scale SWIM Slow-Speed In-Motion Scales

Cardinal Scale SWIM Slow-Speed In-Motion Scales offer the ideal combination of accuracy, space, speed, and economical price point for weighing fully-loaded semi-tractor trailers. Weigh-in-motion vehicle scales offer a cost-effective means of measuring truck axle and gross weights without affecting the flow of traffic. SWIM scales occupy only a small fraction of the space needed for a full-length static truck scale and they are ideal for ports, freight terminals, and commercial fleet axle weight monitoring compliance. SWIM in-motion scales use a single 12-foot by 30-inch weighbridge constructed of 1/2-inch thick steel and are supported by four SCA stainless steel compression load cells.

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  • Single 12’ x 2.5’ weighbridge constructed of 1/2” thick steel
  • Utilizes four 50,000 lb capacity SCA series stainless steel compression load cells
  • Cardinal Scale’s 825 indicator programmed with WIM software to weigh each axle of the vehicle as it travels across the scale, plus calculate gross weight
  • Weighbridge is mounted inside a single-welded framework. This lower frame is 13’ 9” x 3’ 1” and is 15” deep
  • SWIM standard set-up includes SWIM scale with loop detector coil, pole-mountable trim box, universal-mounted 825 weight indicator with WIM software, and a P600 ticket printer
  • Optional printers, traffic signal controls, alarms, over-height detectors, and remote weight displays
  • Provide gross vehicle weights at speeds up to 20 mph (note: as speeds go up, accuracy will go down; 7-10 mph should be the target speed)
  • Provides gross vehicle weights within 1% at speeds less than 10 mph
  • Can be used as a static scale to weigh single axles for an even more accurate measurement (note: when used statically the SWIM meets NIST Class III tolerances)
  • Nominal capacity is 60,000 pounds
  • Frame and weighbridge are protected by a baked-on epoxide polyester powder coat
  • Standard one-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship
  • Shipping: 14’ x 3’ x 1.5’; 6,500 lb (if all parts are packaged inside the lower frame and the weighbridge is inside on blocks)


  • Freight terminals
  • Mining/rock quarries
  • Ports (SOLAS regulations)
  • Agricultural
  • Sorting and pre-screening
  • Commercial fleet axle weight/gross weight checking