Dings Cross Belt Magnetic Separators

Dings Cross Belt Magnetic Separators

Dings Cross Belt Magnetic Separators are non-electric suspended magnets used for high-volume separation (no external power source is required for the magnet). Metal attracted is automatically and continuously removed from the magnet face by a belt that travels around the body of the magnet. These self-cleaning overhead magnets feature non-magnetic, laser cut stainless steel frames that prevent ferrous items from collecting on the frame as well as belt porcupining. Available in suspension heights up to 15 inches, lengths from 36 to 72 inches, and widths from 21 to 45 inches.

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Whether you’re removing unwanted tramp iron from a product stream or reclaiming metal in a scrap or recycling operations, Dings Cross Belt Magnetic Separators are a smart solution. Note: Depending on your application, cross belt magnetic separators can be installed “inline” or parallel to the conveyor belt.


  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetism
  • Patented flux control circuit (DFC) provides stronger and more uniform magnetic field
  • Lower weight: unique construction allows smaller magnet to be used
  • Different strengths for different suspension heights to meet your application


  • Severe-duty model for hazardous locations
  • Rare earth design
  • Suspension systems
  • Special voltages
  • Stainless steel pulley
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Zero speed switch
  • Dust cover
  • Belt and pulley guards
  • High temperature belt

For applications where large amounts of metal need to be removed, choose self-cleaning Cross Belt Magnetic Separators. Here a thick, heavy duty rubber belt moves continuously around the magnet, intercepting attracted metal and sweeping it off the magnet. You won’t have to worry about an excessive buildup of iron covering the face of the magnet and possibly shorting out the magnetic field. One inch high rubber cleats vulcanized to the belt prevent round metal fragments from rolling and staying in the magnetic field. Vulcanizing also prevents metal from becoming entrapped under the cleat.

Severe Duty Dings Cross Belt Magnetic Separators

Rebar, nails, spikes, metal plates, and other sharp pieces of metal can cause extreme damage to a magnetic separator. Dings severe-duty overhead magnets are specifically designed to handle tough assignments. Careful engineering goes into every detail of a severe-duty overhead magnet – starting with the superior holding power of the standard overhead magnet. Add to this a heavy duty belt drive package, lagging on the drive pulley, and a replaceable wear plate that provides extra protection for the magnet impact area. Finish it off with an armor-clad Durabelt and you’ve got a tough, durable magnet that you can count on to provide years of dependable service under the worst conditions.

Dings was the first to develop an armored belt, allowing overhead magnets to be used in severe-duty applications. Thick plates of 304 stainless steel protect the impact area of the Durabelt from the punishing action of sharp, heavy objects attracted by the magnetic field. Individual plates or cleats can be easily replaced in the field – reducing downtime and belt replacement costs. You’ll appreciate the durability of the double-walled A-frame cleats, which are more rugged and impact resistant than single-surface bent angle cleats used in other designs.

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