Dings Grate Magnets

Dings Grate Magnets

Dings Grate Magnets remove small particles of ferrous metal from free-flowing powders and granular materials. These permanent magnetic separators are a cost-effective and efficient way to remove damaging tramp metal and light concentrations of ferrous contaminants. A variety of designs are available to match your flow capacity, location, degree of ferrous contamination, and cleaning convenience needs. If a standard model does not fit your application, we can custom fabricate a grate magnet to your exact specifications.

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Dings Grate Magnets are efficient because they work inside the product flow; there is no need for magnetism to reach through any great depth of material. Standard grate tubes are 1″ in diameter with a smooth stainless steel surface on the outside and an assembly of ceramic and rare earth magnet material sealed inside.

To produce a more uniform separating force, Dings magnets contain magnetic material throughout the entire tube and are not partially loaded with fillers. These magnets can be used in floor openings, over hoppers, inside hoppers, beneath hoppers, below conveyors, below discharge chutes, and inside vertical ducts.

Select from standard housed and unhoused options and work with our team to customize Dings Grate Magnets for your unique application.


  • Transitions
  • Deflectors
  • Sanitary finish
  • Drum adapter
  • Bin vibrator

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  • Tube Magnets: Single tubes available in lengths from 3″ to over 2′; end plugs are plain or drilled and tapped.
  • Grid Magnets: No surrounding frame and can fit in confined spaced or irregular-shaped openings. Easy to remove for cleaning. Available in square, rectangular, or round grids.
  • Plain Frame Magnetic Tubes: Tubes are held in place with a simple external frame. Ideal for general purpose applications.
  • Heavy Duty Frames: Extra sturdy frame secures 2″ square tubes to provide more magnetic surface area and wider tube spacing. Ideal for grain processing and other high volume applications.
  • Wing Type Magnets: Feature angled panels on two sides of the frame to direct flow into the grate.
  • Drawer Magnets: Easily “pull out” the grate magnet for inspection and cleaning.


  • Standard: Welded enclosure with one or more banks of magnetic tubes inside; drawer-type construction for ease of cleaning.
  • Easy Clean: Features a gliding drawer and heavy duty hardware for applications which need more convenient or frequent cleaning.
  • Auto Clean: A pneumatic system cleans the rare earth magnetic tubes automatically at regular intervals controlled by a timer.
  • Rotary: Recommended for pulverized minerals and ceramics, fibrous substances, and fine cohesive materials.
  • Hopper: Designed for the plastics industry, the hopper magnet protects molding machinery and processing equipment from damaging ferrous metal.