Dings Magnetic Drum Separators

Dings Magnetic Drum Separators

Dings Magnetic Drum Separators are permanent self-cleaning separators designed for heavy duty, high volume ferrous recovery. Their rugged construction is ideal for separating ferrous metal from material such as shredded cars, slag, crushed ore, and ash at burn plants. They are available in sizes up to 5 feet in diameter.

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Dings Magnetic Drum Separators use a permanent magnet design that outperforms electric powered models. They always operate at top efficiency, maintaining a constant gauss (magnetic strength) throughout the day. Magnetic Drum Separators cost nothing to operate and do not require a rectifier, generator, switch gear, or wiring. And there are no magnet coils to burn out.

Features & Benefits

  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetism
  • Replaceable heavy duty wear cover
  • Dings patented flux control circuit
  • Ceramic VIII magnetic material
  • Magnetism is permanent, never weakens
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Stronger, deeper and more uniform magnetic field
  • Highest grade of ceramics available


  • Frame and drive
  • Axial/radial pole designs
  • Sizes up to 5′ diameter
  • Electromagnetic drums for scrap recycling

Magnetic Drum Separators can be fed in any position since the internal magnet assembly is adjustable. Peek performance depends on a number of factors, including the position of the magnet arc, particle or lump size of the material, the rate of feed and how constant the rate is kept, the distance or gap between the feeder and drum surface, and whether the feeder trough is made of nonmagnetic material. Our magnetic separation experts will help you select and size the right magnet for your operation.

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Standard Arc

  • 150° arc radial pole design
  • Ideal for material recovery facilities

Extended Arc

  • 170° arc radial pole design
  • Used for applications where the ferrous is carried up and over the top of the drum
  • Ideal for foundries, car shredding, mass burn plants

Fines Arc

  • 180° arc lateral pole design
  • Produces an agitating action that releases entrapped nonmagnetic material
  • Ideal for slag fines, tire recycling