Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys

Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys

Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys are permanent magnetic separators that operate as head pulleys on belt conveyors. These self-cleaning magnets remove tramp iron and purify material conveyed in bulk form. Separation is automatic and continuous.

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Available in standard, heavy duty, and high strength models, Magnetic Head Pulleys are ideal for wood shredding, grinding, material recycling facilities, aluminum can collection, auto shredding, asphalt recycling, and coal processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetism
  • Weatherproof stainless steel face
  • All size shipped ready to install
  • Magnetism is permanent, never weakens
  • Long life, no corrosion
  • Easy installation, just install belt around pulley
  • Diameters from 6 to 42 inches; widths to 84+ inches