Dings Magnetic Road Sweepers

Dings Magnetic Road Sweepers

Dings Magnetic Road Sweepers remove tramp metal and foreign ferrous objects from work areas to improve safety and prevent vehicle damage. They are used across a number of industries and applications, including manufacturing plants, machine shops, fabrication facilities, construction sites, landfills, mines, and sawmills.

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Dings Magnetic Road Sweepers ensure work areas are free from scraps and unwanted ferrous materials to improve the longevity of your vehicles and equipment. Magnetic Road Sweepers come in a range of sizes and strengths to suit any application:

  • Yard Sweepers suspend under any motor vehicle with a chain and carabiner set, sweeping while driving around the operations area. They keep vehicle areas free from tire-damaging nails, screws, rivets, wire, and other debris – reducing tire repair and replacement costs as well as eliminating downtime expenses.
  • Tireguard Sweepers can be towed like a trailer or hung from a bumper or forks of a lift truck to sweep roads, parking lots, and other large areas. Available in widths from 3′ to 7′.
  • Roadguard Sweepers are available if you need high clearance or faster operating speeds than the Tireguard allows. Available in forklift, bracket, and trailer types in widths from 4′ to 8′.
  • Atlas Road Sweepers are ideal for large applications such as airport runways. Trailer wheels are rated for 55 mph maximum traveling speed. Optional remote unloading switch is available.

An excellent alternative to manual sweeping, Magnetic Road Sweepers clear metal fragments in a fraction of the time with significantly reduced manpower. They are simple to use and easy to clean – making them the ideal choice for keeping your industrial space clear of unsafe material.

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