Dings Rectifiers

Dings Rectifiers

Dings Rectifiers supply electric power to electromagnetic separators. They convert the alternating current from a local power source to the direct current needed by such separators. Rectifiers are available in a range of wattages to handle the power requirement of any size electromagnetic separator and can be selected in a particular NEMA enclosure according to the environmental conditions at the installation site.

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All electromagnets require a steady DC current. Dings Rectifiers are specifically designed to transform the alternating current from your local power source to the necessary direct current.


  • DC wattage up to 50Kw to match separator requirements
  • No maintenance solid state silicon diode
  • Voltage regulation within 3.5% from no load to full load
  • Overload capacity for short infrequent periods
  • Hinged door cabinet for easy access
  • Available in NEMA 12, 4, 4XSS or 9