Dings Stationary Overhead Electromagnets

Dings Stationary Overhead Electromagnets

Dings Stationary Overhead Electromagnets are the right choice when separation of tramp metal is an occasional problem. Simply suspend this low-volume separator over a conveyor or head pulley. When the magnet surface starts to fill up, swing the magnet away from the conveyor and cut the power to release the attracted metal.

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Dings Stationary Overhead Electromagnets are  ideal for mining, recycling, tire shredding, power generation, construction and demolition, and pulp and paper operations. This “manual clean” magnet is best suited for applications with a lower volume of ferrous metal in the product flow. The ability to turn off the magnet makes removing the collected metal easy for the operator. For higher volume applications, consider a self-cleaning electromagnet.

Stationary Overhead Electromagnets protect vital processing equipment from ferrous metal damage, improve product purity and quality, and reduce product liability.


  • 10-year warranty against coil burnout
  • No need for external expansion tank; oil expansion takes place internally
  • Coil exceeds Class “H” insulation rating
  • Stainless steel bottom plate, steel side plates and back plate
  • Easy installation
  • Additional wear plate provides extra protection for the magnet impact area


  • Hazardous location model
  • CSA approved model
  • Suspension systems (turnbuckles, trolleys, wire rope)


  • Balanced magnetic circuit
  • Coils are wound with anodized aluminum strap exceeding class H insulation
  • Non-deteriorating glastic coil spacers and core insulation
  • Solid steel center core
  • Full stainless steel bottom plate
  • 3/16” thick stainless steel replaceable wear plate on center impact area of magnet
  • Thick steel side plates in magnet case
  • NEMA 4 weather tight construction magnet box and terminal
  • Magnet case filled with high dielectric strength transformer oil for effective cooling

Stationary Overhead Electromagnets are available in a variety of sizes with power specifications to meet the needs of your application.

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