Dings Suspended Plate Magnets

Dings Suspended Plate Magnets

Dings Suspended Plate Magnets are non-electric, suspended magnets used for low-volume separation. Their maintenance-free design has no moving parts and requires no power supply. A convenient sling assembly is included with the magnet. Just suspend it over the conveyor or head pulley and it’s ready to pick up stray metal fragments before they cause damage to downstream equipment. Available in suspension heights up to 15 inches, lengths from 36 to 72 inches, and widths from 21 to 45 inches.

Ready to customize a plate magnet for your operation? Request a quote or call the magnetic separation experts at Gulf Atlantic: (352) 628-6674.


Dings Suspended Plate Magnets are constructed from continuously welded stainless steel bottom plates, steel side plates, and back plates. With no moving parts, there is nothing to lubricate, tighten, or replace. You’ll also find it easy to install your overhead conveyor magnet. It comes complete with a convenient cable sling suspension system. To change the suspension angle, simply adjust the turnbuckle provide on one of the suspension members. There’s no measuring, shortening, lengthening, or cutting of cable.


  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetism
  • Patented flux control circuit (DFC) provides stronger, more uniform magnetic field
  • Can be supplied with 3- or 4-point suspension system
  • Mild steel top plate
  • Stainless steel side plates
  • Stainless steel bottom plate
  • All unprotected surfaces painted with a coat of enamel
  • Magnet housing filled with Ceramic VIII magnet material


  • Sweeper arm
  • Suspension systems (turnbuckles, trolleys, wire rope)
  • Hand or motorized geared trolley
  • Special paint
  • Optional rare earth design

Depending on the application, Suspended Plate Magnets can be installed over the conveyor or over the head pulley. When the magnet surface starts to fill up, swing the magnet away from the conveyor and dislodge the attracted metal. Swing it back over the conveyor and you’re back in operation.

Dings offers a full line plate magnets for simple, economical removal of occasional tramp metal. High surface strengths make them ideally suited for sloping chute applications. Standard Dings plate magnets will fit any chute from 4 to 96 inches wide; custom sizes and designs are available. These magnets can be installed in a variety of separator designs, including chutes, humps, and pipes. Call the magnetic separation experts at Gulf Atlantic for more information: (352) 628-6674.

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