Liddell Concrete Tilt Mixers

Liddell Concrete Tilt Mixers

Liddell Industries’ Concrete Tilt Mixers are precision engineered in capacities of 10, 12, 15 and 18 cubic yards. These robust concrete tilt mixers eliminate approximately 30 wear points (such as load rollers, roller path, and guide rollers), resulting in a substantial reduction in maintenance costs over their life. The exclusive tilt motion of these mixers provides superior cleanliness of charging, mixing, dust control and discharging operations.

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Liddell Industries’ Concrete Tilt Mixers offers a high ease of maintenance and comes in stationary and portable models. Their heavy-duty design ensures longevity for years to come.

  • Mixer Sizes: 10, 12, 15, and 18 cubic yards
  • Mixer Capacities (per CPMB): 10.7, 12.7, 15.5, 18.8
  • 15 or 25 HP hydraulic power unit (standard for ready mix trucks)
  • 60 sec/9 sec standard tilt/return times
  • 10 sec/9 sec fast tilt/return times
  • 48″ or 54″ charging/discharging opening
  • 54″ or 60″ maximum width charging conveyor

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