Martin Engineering Hurricane Air Cannons

Martin Engineering Hurricane Air Cannons

Hurricane Air Cannons improve the flow of bulk materials and prevent outages due to discharge blockages, buildups, and ratholes in silos. Hurricane Air Cannons feature a new valve concept that provides more force, uses less air, and simplifies installation and maintenance. They can be placed on hoppers, bins, head chutes, and transfer points for a safe and efficient way to eliminate material pluggage and improve material flow. Say goodbye to sledgehammers, metal rods, and air lances.

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Maximize productivity and efficiency by keeping material flowing. Hurricane Air Cannons prevent buildups and obstructions by releasing controlled yet powerful bursts of air without risking damage to equipment. In addition to enhancing material flow, air cannons increase safety and maintenance planning as they eliminate the need for workers to manually intervene with blockages, disrupting the production process. When used correctly, air cannons provide:

  • A proactive, not reactive approach to material buildup (don’t wait for material to stop flowing)
  • Timed firing/sequencing
  • Automated firing triggered by material sensor
  • Easy maintenance due to modular design
  • Various nozzles and cannon sizes to suit a variety of applications
  • Safe and cost-effective solution to improving material flow
  • Effective use of manpower
  • Reduced opportunities for on-the-job injuries

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum discharge strength from high velocity output with half the air volume for highly effective discharge and reduced operating costs
  • Designed for simple maintenance (no need to remove the tank from the storage vessel for service)
  • Fits in smaller places; more power from less air allows use of smaller air reservoir
  • Fires in response to a positive surge of air sent by a solenoid valve, eliminating the risk of accidental discharge
  • Positive-acting valve allows control solenoid to be positioned as far as 200′ from the tank, keeping solenoids away from harsh conditions and difficult to service areas
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications
  • Tanks for Hurricane Air Cannons supplied by Martin Engineering are manufactured to ASME Code Rules, Section VIII, Division 1. Tanks are National Board registered and pressure vessel quality (PVQ).


  • Fan jet nozzle
  • High temperature nozzle

We provide a variety of cannon sizes, models, and configurations that can be customized to meet your exact needs. We take any parameters your operation might have into consideration and work with those to give you the flexibility to set up air cannons where and how you need them. Whether the simplicity of a single cannon or the complexity of a multi-cannon system, we will work with you to achieve desired results.


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