Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors

Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors

Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors feature patented track technology that makes them the safest, most rugged telescoping conveyors on the market. The patented design provides constant positive traction and smoother operation of the stinger, improving long term durability with minimal annual maintenance required.

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Ranging from 130 to 190 feet, Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors feature patented track technology, swing axle undercarriage systems, self-contained auxiliary pumps, and the most user-friendly PLC operation on the market. Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors eliminate the danger of cable breakage and uncontrolled roll back, offer the widest and most stable footprint in the industry, and endure the most demanding environments.

Optional Low Profile Magnum Package: Built with the same precision and craftsmanship as the original Magnum, Masaba Low Profile Magnum offers a lower feed height and greater maneuverability while still offering a large truss depth and wide footprint. Please specify “low profile package” when requesting a quote.

Standard Features

  • Belt widths from 30″ to 42″ wide
  • Lengths from 130′ to 190′ long
  • Capacities from 1,000 TPH to 1,500 TPH
  • Heavy duty pulleys
  • Patented track technology
  • Brand leading manufactured components
  • Class II drives
  • Various CEMA class idlers
  • 3 ply belting
  • Onboard counterweight
  • Heavy duty tow hitch
  • Quick attach side mesh guarding


  • Hydraulic raise and lower
  • Powered radial travel
  • Diesel generator package
  • Diesel/hydraulic power units
  • Tag axles
  • Loading spouts
  • Radio remote controls
  • Hydraulic folding sections


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