Masaba Portable Feeder Hoppers

Masaba Portable Feeder Hoppers

Backed by three generations of knowledge, Masaba Portable Feeder Hoppers create a seamless transition from loader to conveyor and button-up your operation with an endless flow of material in even the roughest environments. Each hopper is built with 1/4-inch mild steel and features full-length adjustable rubber flashing. The belt feeder is inclined to increase discharge height and a heavy-duty wide flanged beam chassis provides the strongest and sturdiest base available.

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Masaba Portable Feeder Hoppers are known for toughness and efficiency. Their wide flange beam chasses allows for hassle-free towing, placement, and operation – making it easy to move from site to site. Standard features include:

  • Single axle chassis
  • Heavy duty wide flange beam
  • (4) 11R x 22.5 radial tires
  • Brakes, lights, and mudflaps
  • (2) crank down landing jacks
  • Adjustable rubber flashing
  • Full length skirting on feeder belt
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Belt scraper

Masaba Portable Feeder Hoppers can be customized to meet the needs of your application. Connect with the experts at Gulf Atlantic to discuss hopper dimensions, capacities, speeds, and other customizable features. Request on online quote or call (800) 792-7427.

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