McLanahan MD Vibratory Screens

McLanahan MD Vibratory Screens

McLanahan MD Vibratory Screens are compact, high-capacity dry screening units commonly used in aggregate, coal, concrete and mining applications. They can screen more tons per hour per square foot of screen surface area and handle larger capacities than conventional screens while occupying the same – or less – floor space. These vibratory screens can make multiple product sizes simultaneously as progressively smaller material sizes are separated from deck to deck. Available in three models: Type DM, Type SM, and Type DMX.

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Models of MD Vibratory Screens
Type DM • Traditional MD screen
• Utilizes two eccentric motors
• Commonly supplied with five screen decks
• Ability to produce as many as six different size fractions or as few as two products
• Mainly linear vibration pattern
Type SM • Developed for applications that do not require five decks of screening
• Utilizes single eccentric motor
• Supplied with one, two, three or four screen decks
• Ability to produce as many as five different size fractions or as few as two products
Type DMX • Largest multi-deck screening unit
• Utilizes two eccentric motors
• Typically supplied with three, four or five screen decks
• Offers capacities of up to 50% over the DM and SM models

Features & Benefits
Compact design
Dust control (standard model is totally dust enclosed)
Minimal maintenance
Quick screen change; each screen deck on any model is independent of other screen decks and can be changed in less than 15-20 minutes
Long screen life; larger particles are removed by heavier, larger screens, while finer screens see only smaller particles and only a portion of the incoming feed
Low power requirements
Optional components, including ball decks; pneumatic tensioning system (an automatic device that relaxes tension on screens that periodically creates a self-cleaning action); and anti-wear liners
Reversing starter panel; allows for instantaneous vibration stoppage when power is turned off, reducing wear and tear on any flexible connections and premature fatiguing of the compression springs
Minimal vibration; rubber plugs inside the compression springs absorb nearly all vibration forces