Turbo Water Meters with BFV Assembly

Turbo Water Meters with BFV Assembly

Turbo Water Meters with BFV Assembly are designed to control and measure the water batching process in concrete plants, block plants, pre-stress concrete batch plants, or wherever there is a need for water batching. Use with a magneto resistive pulse transmitter for semi-automatic batching or an electronic scalable transmitter for fully automated plants.

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Get accurate and dependable service in all types of batch plant environments with Turbo Water Meters manufactured by Badger Meter. Pair the industrial turbo meter with an unscaled pulse transmitter or electronic scalable transmitter and a solenoid-controlled, air-operated butterfly valve to create a reliable water batching system. These meters are compact and easy to service with removing the meter from the line.


  • Available in four line sizes (2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″)
  • Long lasting ceramic bearings
  • Simple in-line serviceability
  • Low pressure loss
  • Positive ON and OFF control fail-safe with power loss
  • Helps reduce water hammer
  • Easy (ON JOB) calibration without gears or special tools
  • Complete tested assembly ready to install in the line
  • Manual override on 4-way solenoid valve
  • Ideal solution for retrofits


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