Dust Free Loading Spouts for Tankers

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Dust Free Loading Spouts for Tankers

WAM Tanker Loading Spouts with an integrated dust collector are used for efficient, dust-controlled loading of dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers. The spouts are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material and an outer double bellows to provide for dust removal. At the lower end of the loading bellows, a SINT engineering polymer-coated cone with special sealing properties is provided for connection to the tanker.

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WAM Dust Free Loading Spouts for Tankers are durable loading spouts ideal for bulk loading dust control. They are the bulk loading spout of choice for dry, dusty materials.


  • Inlet diameter: 12 in.
  • Maximum throughput rate: 250 m/h (147 cfm)
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 300° F
  • Filter surface: 108 sq. ft.


  • Built-in dust filter reducing dust emission during loading operation
  • Flexible chute in neoprene covered by Hypalon makes the spout weather-proof, highly abrasion and temperature-resistant and durable
  • Reverse cone with inside level control indicates when tanker is full, gradually raises loading spouts improving material distribution inside the tanker
  • Two lifting cables outside the material flow raise and lower the loading spouts without any cable wear due to material friction and obstruction to material flow


  • ATEX-version available
  • Various chute and fabrication materials available according to material handled
  • Control panel with remote control
  • Available with different types of level indicators
  • Outlet vibrator
  • Anti-spillage device (acts as dustproof stopper as loading spouts is being raised)

Dust Free Loading Spouts for Tankers Integrated use a reverse air jet-cleaned dust filtration and reclaiming system (dust collected is re-introduced into the chute).

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