There’s always a wide range of needs when it comes to industrial storage. Perhaps you need something to store something for quite a while – or maybe you’ve just got to hold on to resources for a short time. Whatever your development might require, we’ve got a wide range of silos and other storage units available to meet your needs.

For more permanent projects, consider stationary silos produced by Belgrade Steel Tank. These units are primarily designed for use in concrete and are able to come in several different sizes. The basic silo comes with an outside ladder with cage and full railing. This also includes a four-inch blower pipe with adapter, and a 150 square foot dust house with air vibrator and pop-off valve (with the possibility of a 225 square foot option).

Or, perhaps you only need something more mobile – maybe you should consider buying portable silos. We offer several options, like Arrowhead Pig Portable storage silos from Liddell Industries. These range in size from 493 BBL/73 Tons to 1160 BBL/171 Tons, are built on an all-welded, tubular steel frame, and has several transportation options including fifth wheel, king pin, and rub plate.

We also are able to offer several portable silos from Belgrade, including 270 and 350 Barrel models, or 200/300 barrel low-profile cement silos. These units are perfect when mobility and flexibility on the job site are key, as they are easily transported and assembled in almost any workplace. You can choose between gearbox and engine drives, all wired with electric brakes and all with various options to meet your needs.

And perhaps you really only need these silos for a very limited time. In that case, it might be wise to consider renting your necessary equipment from our sister company, RWC Equipment Leasing. There are several benefits to leasing equipment rather than outright purchasing it – the ability to work faster, with better equipment, and for a smaller bottom line is just one.

Whatever you may need for your project, we have the silos and equipment necessary to help you get started. Call us at 352-628-6674 or email today to get a quote on the equipment you need!