Maintain material flow in industrial pipes and chutes with bolt-on shakers designed for easy relocation to meet changing flow restrictions.

Coal chutes feeding pulverizers at a power generation facility were plugging. A combination of factor including material characteristics, moisture, and temperature variation contributed to the problem. Limited feed to the pulverizers led to costly reductions in generating capacity.

The smart solution: NAVCO’s Pipe & Chute Shakers to ensure material flows through problematic areas of pipes and chutes. The brackets were custom designed to the chute size – protecting the integrity of the chute while efficiently transferring energy to facility flow. The bolt-on design was easy and inexpensive to install.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty bracket construction provides reinforcement of the pipe to maximize the vibrators area of influence
  • Maximum surface area contact transmits the vibration energy directly through the pipe and into the material
  • Clamping assembly allows easy relocation of vibrator to meet changing flow restrictions
  • Bolt-on installation; no welding
  • Available for any size pipe or chute

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