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Silo cleaning equipment removes material buildup from cement silos

Consistent use of silo cleaning equipment can turn into an economic benefit for an operation – an investment rather than an expense. Most cement plants have a bank of storage silos to hold finished cement in inventory until required for packaging or bulk shipping. Storage silos allow cement plants to stockpile inventory until needed.

Preventive conveyor maintenance pays off

Use the golden rules of conveyor maintenance to improve efficiency, lengthen equipment life, and decrease emission of fugitive materials. Whether you’re an asphalt producer, aggregate operation, concrete producer, precast operation, coal yard, or even a recycle yard, your operation is shut down tighter than Dick’s hatband once that conveyor stops running. That’s

Concrete mixer service and maintenance tips

Most concrete mixer wear problems result from failure to keep the interior and exterior of the mixer clean and the mixing components adjusted to the correct tolerances. The following concrete mixer service and maintenance tips are general recommendations appropriate for most industrial concrete mixers. Mixer operators need to read the operation and maintenance manual