Liddell Arrowhead Portable Vertical Silos

Liddell Arrowhead Portable Vertical Silos

Arrowhead Portable Vertical Silos feature a square roof that increases available square footage by 22% and come standard with full safety handrails, toe boards, and a safety ladder with climbers device. The upper frame is welded, heavy-duty, tubular steel. The fifth wheel, kingpin transportation system includes rub plate, air brakes, suspension, wheels, and tires. All equipment is treated with a zinc primer and painted with polyester polyurethane paint.

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Arrowhead Portable Vertical Silos come standard with:

  • Pressure relief valve
  • 20” inspection manhole
  • 5” pneumatic fill line with cam lock fitting and cap
  • High bin level indicator with warning light
  • Low bin level indicator with warning light
  • 50° cone for improved material flow with a complete aeration system
  • Emergency slide gate
  • 5” clean out port

Air Specifications

  • Weather-tight NEMA enclosure for silo solenoids
  • All solenoids are plumbed in and exhaust lines routed out of the enclosure; each valve equipped with a quick cut-off to allow for isolation of individual valves for easy maintenance
  • Complete aeration system with full-size air pads, solenoid, and required plumbing; aeration products are replaceable from the outside
  • Air system comes with a 3/4” oversized air filter, regulator, and lubricator
  • Air supply by customer

Electrical Specifications

  • Wiring from the solenoid valves to a NEMA 4 enclosed power panel located on the frame is factory installed
  • Most wiring in conduit
  • All equipment is wired and tested prior to shipment


  • 493AA: 493 bbl total storage capacity; 1972 cubic feet; 73 tons @ 74 pounds/cubic foot
  • 600AA: 600 bbl total storage capacity; 2400 cubic feet; 88.8 tons @ 74 pounds/cubic foot
  • 720AA: 720 bbl total storage capacity; 2880 cubic feet; 106.6 tons @ 74 pounds/cubic foot
  • 942AA: 943 bbl total storage capacity; 3772 cubic feet; 139.6 @ 74 pounds/cubic foot
  • 1012AA: 1012 bbl total storage capacity; 4050 cubic feet; 149.9 tons/cubic foot
  • 1160AA: 1160 bbl total storage capacity; 4640 cubic feet; 171.7 tons @ 74 pounds/cubic foot


  • Additional 5” fill line
  • Single transportation systems
  • Double transportation system (required for 1160AA)
  • 5” anti-overfill system
  • 60 hp fast air transfer system (20-28 TPH)
  • 60 hp fast air transfer systems (24-50 TPH)
  • Silo top dust collection
  • Dust collector with pressure switch
  • Dust collector minihelic gauge

Arrowhead Portable Vertical Silos allows cement, fly ash, slag, or other materials to be purchased in bulk and stored – keeping your operation running and expenses at a minimum. Not what you’re looking for? Return to Storage Bins & Silos.