NAVCO Electromagnetic Vibratory Drives

NAVCO Electromagnetic Vibratory Drives

NAVCO Electromagnetic Vibratory Drives are of sturdy design, suited for the harshest service conditions. A wide range of model sizes are available to handle almost any vibrating equipment applications. VibTronic controllers are used in conjunction with magnetic drives on feeders to provide instant start/stops, 0-100% feed rate adjustability, local operation, PLC interface, voltage compensation and scalable feedback. Customized control where custom logic or sequencing is required is also available.

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NAVCO Electromagnetic Vibratory Drives provide accurate, short, or long distance conveying for packaging, spreading, batching, and mixing applications. These magnetic drives run as if they are lubricated even though they work completely grease-free. That is partly what makes them so reliable: no bearings, extremely robust design, built-in thermal switch to prevent overheating, and screw-on cable connections – great features that combine to deliver supreme durability and reliability.

Electromagnetic Vibratory Drives include clever details such as infinitely variable vibration amplitudes, instant power transmission, and flexible adaptation of drives using weight plates. The collision protection is an easy way to optimize performance and prevent outages – another standard feature that is only provided by other manufacturers as an optional extra. Compact and strong, magnetic vibrators have real staying power. They won‘t run out of steam even after years of continuous duty. An honest hard-worker ideal for use in manufacturing and food production facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Class B insulation
  • Reinforced fiberglass dust-tight enclosure
  • Maintenance free operation; no rotating parts
  • High frequency, low amplitude
  • Voltages from 220 to 600
  • Easily integrates with a PLC
  • Instant on/off
  • Fine feed rate adjustability
  • Long operating cycles and service life in harsh environments

Electromagnetic Vibratory Drives can be used in the most challenging conditions. Options include tropic-proof insulation and explosion protection. They perform a variety of functions to perfection – four different vibration frequencies are available for each mains frequency.

Choosing the Right Magnetic Drive

  1. Determine your application and the mains frequency.
  2. For use with vibratory equipment (trough or tubular conveyors, screens, vibrating tables, etc.), establish the “working weight” – the weight of the vibratory equipment.
  3. Use the vibratory frequency, the mains voltage, and the working weight to select the right equipment.

Choosing the right industrial vibrator for your application depends on many different factors. For expert guidance, request a quote or call the material handling specialists at Gulf Atlantic: (800) 792-7427.