NAVCO Railside Car Shakers

NAVCO Railside Car Shakers

NAVCO Railside Car Shakers are permanently mounted vibration systems designed to speed the loading and unloading of bulk material from railcars. The high-amplitude, low frequency vibratory energy developed by the drive mechanism has proven most effective in producing positive and complete material movement. Railside car shakers facilitate a more complete cleanout of railcars and reduce carryback material, effectively reducing average transportation costs. Ideal for proppant and frac sand, plastics, concrete, aggregate, coal, kaolin clay, carbon black, limestone, feed and grains, and much more.

For assistance selecting the appropriate vibrator for your application, call the experts at Gulf Atlantic: (800) 792-7427. Not what you’re looking for? Return to Industrial Vibrators or explore more Railcar Handling Equipment.


NAVCO Railside Car Shakers are effective in loosening material from railcar walls during unloading and in material densification during loading. Railside car shakers also facilitate a complete cleanout of railcars – reducing carry back materials and average transportation costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Stationary and rolling models available in pneumatic or electric
  • Can be operated from a remote location
  • Increases worker safety
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Faster hopper car unloading
  • Densifies load to increase tonnage
  • Can be integrated into an automated process
  • Low maintenance, long service life

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