NAVCO MagneVibe Magnetic Mount Light-Duty Vibrators

NAVCO MagneVibe Magnetic Mount Light-Duty Vibrators

NAVCO MagneVibe Magnetic Mount Light-Duty Vibrators weigh just four pounds and are ideal for small bins and hoppers with occasional flow problems. These portable vibrators deliver over 20 pounds of force in a small 7-1/2″ size. A ferrous, adhesive backed mounting pad is available, allowing the unit to adhere to non-ferrous bins, hoppers, and intermediate bulk containers. One vibrator can service several small hoppers by simply moving it to any location where flow aid is required.

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NAVCO MagneVibe Magnetic Mount Light-Duty Vibrators are designed for use on light gauged walled small bins, hoppers, totes, and IBCs. They are uniquely engineered for light duty applications with occasional material flow problems and eliminate the need to hit bins with hammers to initiate material flow. MagneVibe industrial vibrators are ideal for removing residual material from vessels, ensuring a thorough cleanout and eliminating cross contamination between materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely portable; move from bin to bin
  • Welding or bolting of mounting plates is not required
  • Delivers 20 pounds of moving force without damaging storage vessels
  • Easily incorporated into any process with access to plant/instrument air
  • Ferrous mounting plates with adhesive backing available for non-metallic hoppers

MagneVibe Magnetic Mount Light-Duty Vibrators come complete with 5′ of air hose, a manual valve, safety cable, and latch. Employee safety has been shown to improve as indicated by lower recordable incident rates associated with employees repetitively swing hammers to keep material flowing.


There are numerous factors to consider when designing a flow aid system. Two primary considerations are the hopper size and wall thickness. Our representatives are ready to help you design the perfect flow aid system for your application: (800) 792-7427.