NAVCO Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

NAVCO Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

NAVCO Ball Vibrators provide high frequency, directional and reliable vibration that is ideal for solving material handling problems in small hoppers, parts feeders, chutes, and matchplates. Available in thirteen different models with numerous options, these pneumatic ball vibrators are sure to meet the needs of your application at an economical price. Call for product features, benefits, and specifications.

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NAVCO Pneumatic Ball Vibrators are powered by compressed air and contain a chrome ball bearing that spins along a circular track inside the housing. The rapid rotational movement of the ball bearing applies centrifugal force to the casing, causing it to vibrate. Ball vibrators are an economical vibration solution that contains only one moving part, which means they require zero ongoing maintenance.


Available in a wide range of sizes and mounting options, ball vibrators deliver a high ratio of force relative to their weight, so they are powerful enough for large jobs such as eliminating material blockages from rigid bins, chutes and hoppers. They are also ideal for small jobs such as moving small parts in assembly processes. Originally developed as a tool for the foundry industry, the ball vibrator continues to be the go-to solution for compacting sand in mold machines.