NAVCO HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators

NAVCO HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators

Primarily used for unloading covered hopper railcars, NAVCO HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators promote material flow, protect workers and equipment, and ensure timely unloading. The HCP provides reliable and effective vibration that solves material compaction, bridging, and rat holing. By utilizing HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators, railcar operators can restore flow in stuck materials and unload their hopper railcars quickly and efficiently.

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NAVCO HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators are pneumatic piston vibrators designed to provide reliable and effective bulk material flow in difficult applications and harsh rail side environments. The size and operating characteristics of the HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators make them ideal for solving railcar unloading problems such as bridging, rat holing, and sticking material. Meticulously designed, the HCP is available in multiple size to meet both light and heavy duty applications.

Features & Benefits

  • HCP units come standard with non-stick coating on all internal surfaces for optimum service life
  • Rugged mounting head fits all dovetail brackets found of North American hopper cars
  • Exclusive “free ride” design is the most efficient means to transmit vibration energy
  • Minimizes unloading time while significantly reducing material carryback
  • Low air consumption results in utility savings over comparable products
  • Low frequency vibration is compatible with railcar manufacturer recommendations
  • Reduces material build up at the outlet opening of the railcar
  • Eliminates damage inflicted to railcars by sledge hammering
  • Increases personnel safety; removes need for hazardous manual scraping of interior walls of the railcar

Designed specifically for the universal dovetail bracket found on most railcars, the HCP’s free ride design allows the vibrator sit loose in the bracket. This allows the vibrator to continuously work at optimal capacity, keeping it from lodging itself into the bottom of the bracket. This also enables quicker movement from bracket to bracket as HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators don’t need sledge hammers or air flow reversal to be removed and can be lifted out quickly.


NAVCO HCP Portable Railcar Vibrators Specifications

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