NAVCO Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders

NAVCO Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders

NAVCO Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders and ideal for processing dry bulk material – especially where explosion proof requirements do not allow use of electrically operated feeders. They are available with vertical or horizontal discharge, stainless steel troughs, and integrated hoppers. Vibratory feeders use a pneumatic piston vibrator as the drive and are engineered per order.

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NAVCO Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders transport, regulate and process bulk materials in a broad range of applications and industries. Bulk materials range from heavy quarry product and metal alloys, to food and candy products, to plastics, glass and grain. Hopper included arrangements are available, along with various finishes – including food grade. The drive can be Teflon coated, if required, so the feeder can be run without lubrication.

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