Portable Cement Storage Pigs

Portable Cement Storage Pigs

Portable Cement Storage Pigs are horizontal bulk storage containers ideal for large-scale, high-volume jobs that require a lot of cement. Their mobility allows them to be easily transported to various locations during the course of a project. Even better, cement pigs aren’t just for cement. They can hold a wide variety of materials including fly ash, frac sand, lime, barite, activated carbon, non-corrosive liquids, and soda ash. New and used units available.

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Portable Cement Storage Pigs increase job efficiency, convenience, and productivity. Bulk material is protected from the elements and available when you need it. Even better, portable cement storage pigs are sized for your demands and perfect for large scale, high volume projects.

Do you need to temporarily store cement or other materials at a jobsite? A cement pig rental might be the perfect solution. Our partner, RWC Equipment Leasing, offers favorable short and long-term cement storage pig rental options.

Standard Equipment

  • 4,100 cubic foot shell
  • Single compartment, 6 hoppers
  • Steel exterior with internal bracing
  • 15 psig operating pressure
  • (6) 30” fiber pads with gasket
  • 20” manhole
  • Safety relief valve set at 15 psgi
  • 5” discharge cleanout at rear
  • 5” steel schedule 40 pipe manifolding
  • 6” butterfly valves with outlets
  • (2) 4” steel schedule 40 fill lines
  • 4” butterfly valve with aluminum body
  • Blowdown 4” steel tube at rear with butterfly valve
  • (2) 4” dial 0-30 gauges for tank and line pressure

Optional Features

Unloading a cement pig requires compressed air from an industrial-sized blower. If you are storing dry bulk material, you need a blower to access the material. Two blower options are available:

  • Diesel blower (Perkins or Kubota with fuel tank; Tuthill T850 blower, silencer, air filter with pre-cleaner, pressure relief valve, battery and cables; mounted to storage pig)
  • Electric blower (50 hp electric motor; starter package; 480 volt; Tuthill T850 blower, silencer, air filter with pre-cleaner, pressure relief valve; mounted to storage pig)

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