Belgrade Round Portable Silos

Belgrade Round Portable Silos

Belgrade Round Portable Silos allow operations to quickly expand jobsite storage capabilities. Ideal for storing cement, fly ash, frac sand, lime, barite, activate carbon, non-corrosive liquids, soda ash, and other dry bulk materials, portable auxiliary silos are an efficient, convenient way to enhance your operation.

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Belgrade Round Portable Silos feature positive feed drive auger systems; motors and gear box drives; heavy duty dual axle trailers and tires; electric brakes and lights packages; 150 square foot bag area dust collectors with air vibrators; two speed trailer jack sets; outside ladders with OSHA compliant fall arrest cable systems; fill pipes with aluminum adapters; non-pressurized inspection manholes; and externally mounted air pads with manifolds, regulators, and check valves. These round portable silos are sandblasted, primed, and painted (standard colors are gray, white, tan, or yellow).

Options (varies by barrel size)


SizeDiameterHeightEmpty WeightHitch WeightCapacity
270 bbl8’ 6”32’8,500 lbs1,400 lbs1,080 cu ft
350 bbl8’ 6”38’10,000 lbs2,100 lbs1,400 cu ft
450 bbl10’ 8”35’ 7”12,800 lbs4,900 lbs1,800 cu ft
550 bbl10’ 8”41’ 7”14,300 lbs5,400 lbs2,200 cu ft
700 bbl12’ 0”41’ 7”18,800 lbs7,500 lbs2,800 cu ft
900 bbl12’ 0”47’ 7”20,600 lbs8,100 lbs3,600 cu ft
1050 bbl12’ 0”53’ 7”22,400 lbs8,900 lbs4,200 cu ft
1200 bbl12’ 0”59’ 7”25,300 lbs10,000 lbs4,800 cu ft

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