Rhino Hyde Blade Tensioning System Belt Scrapers

Rhino Hyde Blade Tensioning System Belt Scrapers

Rhino Hyde Blade Tensioning System Belt Scrapers provide an excellent belt cleaning effect using a simple structure to achieve better cost-efficiency. These systems use the recovery principles of a high-memory synthetic material as the source for the tensioning force. They are compact and require minimum space for installation. With extended sidewalls and less than 10 major parts in the tensioning assembly, average installation time is less than 30 minutes. Once installed the polyurethane blade can be replaced in less than 10 minutes with minimal experience required.

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Unlike many other systems that use pneumatics or springs, rugged Rhino Hyde Blade Tensioning System Belt Scrapers utilize fewer moving parts, are far more reliable, and are nearly maintenance free. The genuine Rhino Hyde urethane blade ensures you of thorough and even belt cleaning in wet or dry conditions with long blade wear life.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom made with the material that fits your application
  • Single pull-pin blade locking system facilities quick, easy blade change-out
  • Very high resistance to cuts and tears
  • System tension applied exclusively by a high-memory synthetic material
  • Tension is consistent through linear dampening
  • Available in 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″ and 60″ lengths
  • Rhino Blade belt scrapers can be made to fit most of the existing primary scrapers, including ASGCO, ARCH/Gordon, Martin, and Argonics

Genuine Rhino Hyde polyurethane is used in all replacement blades. These blades have slick, tough composition and exhibit excellent wear resistance and resilience. When requesting quote, specify blade length, height, grove width, belt speed (fpm), and wet or dry application. Note: Rhino Blades are 2″ shorter than tensioning unit lengths.