Rhino Hyde Rhino IS Panels (WS 85 Modular Screens)

Rhino Hyde Rhino IS Panels (WS 85 Modular Screens)

Rhino Hyde Rhino IS Panels use a single durometer material that works in most applications up to 2 inches, or a high-performance, dual durometer material best for applications over 2 inches. If you’re looking for a cost-effective replacement panel for use in WS 85 Tema Isenmann systems, Rhino IS is your solution. Tests have uniformly proven Rhino Is panels achieve wear as good or better than WS 85 modular screens.

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Rhino IS Panels are a cost effective replacement for modular screens used in WS 85 Tema Isenmann systems. They are proven for any required separation size for sand, gravel, granite, quartzite, silica sand, limestone, coal, and ironworks materials. From fine wet and dry screening to primary scalping and every other screening application – Rhino IS Panels are an economical and efficient choice.

 Features & Benefits

  • Replacement panels available for center, full side, and half-side panels (when ordering, please specify width)
  • Panels up to 80mm thick
  • Single and dual durometer materials available
  • Available in 1′ x 1′,  1’ x 2’, 1′ x 3′, and 1’ x 4’ sizes
  • Square and slotted aperture options
  • Opening sizes from .65mm to 4” square

A screen that lasts is a screen that saves you money over the long term. With years of experience in the production of high performance screens, Rhino Hyde knows what it takes to do it right. Rhino IS Panels feature maximized wear properties that minimize maintenance and downtime.

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