WAM Micro-Feed Screws

WAM Micro-Feed Screws

WAM Micro-Feed Screws are auxiliary screws combined with a larger main screw feeder to improve feeding accuracy by continuing to feed material into the outlet after the main feeder has been turned off. They are designed to be easily combined with trough screw feeders to ensure high feeding accuracy with limited operating costs. Micro-Feed Screws are suitable for high-accuracy feeding in concrete batching plants, precast concrete production, dry premixed material processing, raw material processing and in the glass industry. View product features below.

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  • Manufactured from innovative, modular system components
  • Accuracy: 0.1 kg (up to 0.01 kg with special screws)
  • Small diameter screw
  • Low rotation speed
  • Few models covering wide range of applications on tubular and trough screw conveyors
  • Interfacing with TU, TP, CA and TUS-type screw conveyors