WAM Trough Screw Conveyors

WAM Trough Screw Conveyors

The modular WAM Trough Screw Conveyor system is highly versatile, offering multiple solutions for conveying powdered or granular materials. The light-duty version, WAM-CAL, is often used to convey materials used in the production of pet food, plastics, soaps, washing powders and detergents. The medium heavy-duty option, WAM-CAP, is mainly used in animal feed milling, wood processing, and chemical manufacturing. The extra heavy-duty version, WAM-CAE, is most often used in cement, lime and gypsum processing as well as in the mining industry. To meet the needs of your application, various types of screws and inlet and outlet spouts are available.

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WAM Trough Screw Conveyors are manufactured from carbon steel with suitable surface finishing. They are made up of a U or V shaped trough equipped with at least one outlet spout, and end plate at each trough end, helicoid screw flighting welded on a center pipe with coupling bush at each end, two end bearing assemblies complete with shaft seal, a certain number of intermediate hanger bearings depending on the overall length of the screw conveyor, and bolted trough cover sections. They are equipped with a gear motor appropriate for the application.

Depending on the material to be handled, WAM Trough Screw Conveyors come in a light, medium-heavy, or extra heavy duty design. All types are available with AREX, Zone 22 certification.


  • Trough in standard length modular flanged sections
  • Helicoid flighting welded on center pipe
  • Powder-coated
  • Flanged end bearing assemblies protected against material infiltration by shaft seals
  • Robust cast iron body flanged end bearing assemblies with externally positioned bearings and manually adjustable packed gland seals
  • Square or rectangular outlet spouts with integrated drilled flanges
  • Splined shaft couplings


  • Industrial quality products
  • Modular design features and easy access to matching spare parts


  • Bolted trough cover modules (end module with integrated inlet spout)
  • Square, rectangular or circular substitute/additional inlet/outlet spouts with or without connecting flange
  • Trough feet
  • Overflow hatches
  • Screws (augers) in various configurations (ribbon flight, paddles, others)
  • Special shaft seals (gas or air-purged, grease chamber, others)
  • Different drive configurations

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  • Dry mix building material processing
  • Asphalt mixing
  • Chemical admixtures for building and construction
  • Ceramics production
  • Brick and roof tile production
  • Block making machines
  • Animal feed milling
  • Animal feed additives processing
  • Pet and fish food
  • Cement, lime, gypsum, minerals, and refractory products processing
  • Crushing, mining, quarry, screening, and micronizing plants
  • Glass processing
  • Foundries, iron and steel mills, and coking plants
  • Fly ash handling
  • Wood biomass in pellet or chip form
  • Sand and shot blasting plants
  • Machine shops and fabrication workshops
  • Mechanical and pneumatic conveying plants
  • Dosing, mixing, and packaging plants
  • Battery production
  • Wood or cork working machinery
  • Tobacco processing
  • Grain handling