NAVCO BH Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

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NAVCO BH Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

NAVCO BH Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are ideal for use on bins and hoppers to effectively promote material flow by eliminating the formation of bridges and rat holes. Bin hopper vibrators work well as drives on linear motion vibratory feeders and they are ideal for use on screens and vibratory tables. Available in 10 sizes to fit a wide range of concrete, cement, and bulk material applications. Please call for specifications and application guidance.

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NAVCO BH Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are engineered to keep your material flowing no matter where it is stored. Whether it’s material sticking, bridging, or rat holing, bin hopper vibrators break up the log jam and get your material moving. They are available in ten different piston sizes to handle a wide range of bulk material and bin flow problems. Each size is offered in three distinct types of operation: impacting, air cushioned, or timed impact.

  • Impacting units deliver a high energy impulse with each stroke of the piston. The impacting model is the most effective of the three in eliminating difficult flow problems.
  • Air cushioned units trap a cushion of air at the base of the piston, eliminating the impact. Although the air cushioned models are quieter, a larger size is normally required.
  • Timed impact models deliver a single high energy impulse triggered by the output of a timer or other controlling device. Timed impact units are particularly effective in applications where dry materials adhere to vessel walls.

Why use pneumatic piston air vibrators?

Downtime and process upsets can have a negative impact on productivity and profitability. Bin hopper vibrators eliminate process interruptions caused by lack of material flow.

  • Linear vibration. Forces generated by NAVCO BH Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators may be directed and concentrated in the problem area. The linear nature of the vibration force ensures no damaging shear forces are applied to the mounting bracket or storage vessel.
  • High amplitude, low frequency. High-energy impulse vibration generated by bin hopper pneumatic piston vibrators is effective in reducing the strength of bulk materials and the sliding friction between the material and the bin wall. This is accomplished at low frequencies, without approaching potentially damaging resonant frequencies.
  • Low cost. Pneumatic piston vibrators can effectively solve virtually any bulk material or bin flow problem at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.
  • Low maintenance. Pneumatic piston vibrators provide years of effective performance when installed and operated properly.

There are numerous factors to consider when designing a flow aid system. Two primary considerations are the hopper size and wall thickness. Our representatives are ready to help you design the perfect flow aid system for your application: (800) 792-7427.


Options & Accessories

Special Application Options

  • Tapped Exhaust for dusty corrosive, underwater, or sanitary applications
  • Internal Spring for applications requiring the vibrator operate in a horizontal orientation
  • Teflon Coating for extra protection in highly corrosive or abrasive environments

Mounting Accessories

  • T-Slotted Mounting Plate for flat sided vessels
  • Channel Mounting Plate for curved sided vessels
  • Slip Mounting Bracket for portable mounting
  • Pipe Mounting Bracket to eliminate flow in pipes

Air Line Accessories

  • Inline lubricators, filters, and regulators
  • Solenoid or manual valves
  • Exhaust protectors
  • Safety cables
  • Electronic or pneumatic timers
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