NAVCO Vise Mount Vibrators

NAVCO Vise Mount Vibrators

NAVCO Vise Mount Vibrators are ideal for use on cement forms, wooden forms, steel forms, and core boxes. These vibrators force out air pockets, improve surface finish, and speed up mold release when used on cement forms. Other benefits include quick clamp, one-piece construction; variable vibration frequency and impact force; no need for mounting brackets; and fits a variety of equipment.

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NAVCO Vise Mount Vibrators are portable, quick clamp vibrators that provide convenience in a variety of situations. They feature rugged, one-piece construction and are equipped with a built in vise-style clamping system. This built in vise eliminates the need for special mounting brackets often required by other portable industrial vibrator models.


  • Use as an external form vibrator to settle concrete
  • Use in foundries for fast, clean draws – extending core box life by eliminating distortion
  • Ideal for industrial applications where a quick clamp assembly is preferred over more permanently mounted solutions; this is especially true when other portables don’t provide adequate force


  • NAVCO Vise Mount “Quick Clamp” Vibrators effectively settle concrete to remove air and excess water
  • Easily clamp to most structures with vise style clamp
  • Completely portable – move clamp on vibrators as needed
  • Vibration frequency easily controlled by adjusting the air supply from 20 to 70 psi


NAVCO Vise Mount Vibrators

  • Piston Diameter: 2″
  • Length: 9.5″
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Jaw Opening Size: 3.5″


Typical air piping arrangement for portable pneumatic applications.

Typical air piping arrangement for portable pneumatic applications